Our Semester Structure

We’re rolling out a monthly cadence in order to ensure that we remain connected to the mosque as well as deliver the best curriculum possible. Every month will have:

One Meeting at a Mosque

Arkanum will meet at the mosque once a month for either a regular session or a Qiyam night/Sleepover. Meetings will happen either at the Everett Mosque (AMC) or the Sharon Mosque (ICNE Sharon). Please check the schedule below for session details.

One Meeting at the Boyscouts Camp in Milton

Once per month Arkanum will spend a session at the Scouts facility in Milton where we do a range of activities from archery, rock climbing, swimming, sports, team building and much more.

One retreat

We will have an overnight retreat every month. Each retreat is meant to be an equivalent for two regular sessions. The cost for two Retreats (Transportation & Accommodation) is included in the semester fees. Food or any extra activities will be charged separately.

Arkanum team is working with a number of local venues to host the program long term. If any venue confirms with us we will adjust the semester program accordingly (mainly eliminating the 1 night retreats and having sessions locally instead). Parents will have a week to decide if the new location and timing work for them or not. If they decide to withdraw, we will prorate the payment and refund the difference.

Semester Flow

1Signing Up

Registration opens almost two weeks before the first session, during this time parents are expected to sign up and pay the session fee’s.

2Welcome Day

The first session is a welcome day where mentees and mentors are introduced to one another.

3Sessions (9-12 sessions per semester)

This semester, due to the pandemic circumstances, all session locations and timings are listed below in the schedule. If there are any changes, each session time and location will be communicated with all members and families via email at least 3 days prior to the session [For example, if there are any changes, we will notify you by Wednesday for a Saturday session].

4Arkanum Retreats

Arkanum retreats are optional for mentees and require a small separate fee but it’s definitely worth the cost!

5Arkanum Outings

One of our most popular activities are our small outings that take place during our session time, such as qiyaams and field trips.

6International Trips

Don’t miss out on our international trips, where we experience once in a lifetime adventures!

Our Schedule

Please Click on each session to see its content :

Session #1 Opening


Milton Boy Scouts Camp

Time: 2-6 PM Address: 411 Unquity Rd, Milton, MA 02186 Notes:

Session #2 Retreat


Wah-Tut-Ca in NH

Retreat 1 Overnight Saturday & Sunday Address: 292 Blakes Hill Rd, Northwood, NH 03261 Meeting on Sat 10 am at Charles Reservation (1175A Soldiers Field Rd, Boston, MA 02116) and return on Monday at noon to same spot.

Session #3 Everett Mosque


Everett Mosque

Meeting from 5 - 9 PM

Session #4


Boston / Cambridge

Scaventure Hunt Around Boston or Community Service Event

Session #5 Sharon Mosque


Sharon Mosque

Regular Session from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Session #6 Milton Camp


Milton Boy Scouts Camp

Milton Base camp from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Session #7 & 8 Retreat 2



Meeting Saturday at 10:00 AM and Return Sunday at 6:00 PM

Session #9 Mosque Session


Sharon Mosque

Address: 74 Chase Dr, Sharon, MA 02067 Notes: Meeting from 4 - 8 Pm.

Session #11 Mosque


ICNE Sharon

Meeting from 4-8 PM

Session #12 Camp


Milton Boy Scouts Camp

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For The Entire Semester

We have three retreats this semester, two of them are included in the price and one is not included. The "two nights" retreat and some additional fees for outings mentioned in the schedule are for a separate fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fall program consists of three meetings per month every Saturday. To learn more about our sessions this fall, refer to the schedule above (outings will run in accordance with the CDC's social distancing guideline). If the location of our Saturday sessions change on any given week, all parents and Ark members will be notified of the location and plans via email three days prior to our Saturday session.

Arkanum is a program for teens from the age of 12-18 years old. (middle and high school teens)

Yes, you will have to email us with your financial ability and we will respond in a timely manner in order to accommodate you regardless of your financial situation.

We fully refund your payment.

The two “1 night” retreats are included but the “2 nights” retreat is for a separate fee, but we do our best to ensure that prices are as low as possible!

Yes. You have to communicate with us ASAP either on whatsApp or by email to hold a spot for your child.

Ideally, each team will have 8 mentees and 2 mentors. One main mentor and one assistant mentor.

1. If you are not feeling well (fever, cough etc), have tested positive for COVID OR have been in contact with someone that has, please do NOT attend the in-person outings.
2. Everyone please wear a mask and do not take it off except while being very active (i.e. while playing sports outdoors etc).
3. Avoid shaking hands or hugging. Try to maintain 6 feet social distancing as much as possible.
4. Please bring your own hand sanitizer or wipes in case you need them.
5. Every team should stick together and try to minimize co-mingling.

We are allowing visitors but limiting the # to maintain the quality of the session and observe social distancing guidelines. You need to email us or message us on WhatsApp to get approval and see if the planned activity would allow.