Our Semester Structure

Weekly Online Lectures

Arkanum’s online zoom lectures are weekly scheduled meetings put in place to effectively continue teaching Ark youth about Islam while following Covid-19 safety regulations. Mentees are given an opportunity to learn about Islamic studies, stories of the Quran, and even history lessons about the prophet’s time. The students are taught in a way that makes them want to learn more and interact with their peers and friends to increase their knowledge. Ark mentees are also able to virtually engage by asking questions during Q&A sessions and by participating in open discussions led by mentors.

Weekly Outings

Unfortunately due to the pandemic circumstances this semester is fully online and there will be no in person gatherings.

Monthly Online Activities

Arkanum provides a safe and welcoming environment that allows mentees and mentors to exchange views and share experiences with each other. Our goal is to engage students with lectures while also helping them understand the value and beauty of Islam. To do this, we organized virtual activities after every lecture to inspire the students to apply the newly taught material in comfortable small groups. Mentees are split up into breakout rooms with their mentors where they can participate in games, debates, and activities to distill the information they learned in a fun way.

Semester Flow

1Signing Up

Registration opens almost two weeks before the first session, during this time parents are expected to sign up and pay the session fee’s.

2Welcome Day

The first session is a welcome day where mentees and mentors are introduced to one another.


15 Lectures Series (Men and Women Around the Prophet PBUH)
3 Workshops (Addiction, social media and Financial Planning)
Weekly Quran Circle (3 levels)
Weekly Fun & Games (Ark Style)
Ramadan Food Drive
Monthly Debates

4Arkanum Retreats

Arkanum retreats are optional for mentees and require a small separate fee but it’s definitely worth the cost!

5Arkanum Outings

One of our most popular activities are our small outings that take place during our session time, such as qiyaams and field trips.

6International Trips

Don’t miss out on our international trips, where we experience once in a lifetime adventures!

Spring 2021 Schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions

This semester is entirely online. No in person meetings will be held

Arkanum is a program for teens from the age of 12-18 years old. (middle and high school teens)

Yes, you will have to email us with your financial ability and we will respond in a timely manner in order to accommodate you regardless of your financial situation.

We fully refund your payment.

Unfortunately they are not, but we do our best to ensure that prices are as low as possible!

Yes. You have to communicate with us ASAP either on whatsApp or by email to hold a spot for your child.

Ideally, each team will have 8 mentees and 2 mentors. One main mentor and one assistant mentor.